Building a successful market

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There is no hard and fast rule to building a successful market. The right plan and the right attitude is the base you need to start from.


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The growth of any business is the fuel that provides opportunity. Opportunity at all levels from trainee through to director. Opportunity to take on different roles or maybe take your career in new directions and create new lives and careers on different continents.

IT Works Resource Group have created quite a few opportunities over the last twelve years. It’s the thing that gives me most satisfaction and that I’m proudest of.

Magnetic Culture – Attracting and retaining talent

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My apologies if this blog comes across a little like a “Jerry Maguire” mission statement, but believe me, this is not my intention.

When I started my company here in the US, I really didn’t understand the cultural differences between recruitment in the UK and staffing in the US, but what I did know is that they both had the horrible reputation of being a stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap, fake it till you make it, one hundred calls per day, badly trained, with low staff morale and with extremely high staff turnover. It is because of this attitude and culture I estimate that the life of a recruitment consultant or recruiter on either side of the pond is less than 12 months with 80% of recruitment companies in our industry.