IT Works Resource Group – Our 2016!

Atlanta Calling (Part 1)

So, I'm now in America! After almost eight years with IT Works UK and a career so far taking me from a trainee to MD of my own division, IT Works Health UK, Myself, my wife and three children have taken the plunge and gone for a major change of scenery. A few months ago after seeing an internal advert for multiple job postings in our US office I noted my interest to transfer to the CEO and COO and went ahead with the internal transfer process to take me from bonny Lancashire to stunning Atlan... read more

Magnetic Culture – Attracting and retaining talent

My apologies if this blog comes across a little like a “Jerry Maguire” mission statement, but believe me, this is not my intention. When I started my company here in the US, I really didn’t understand the cultural differences between recruitment in the UK and staffing in the US, but what I did know is that they both had the horrible reputation of being a stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap, fake it till you make it, one hundred calls per day, badly trained, with low staff morale and with... read more